Martial Arts System of Self Defence. Real Karate, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kung-Fu Weaponry and Tai Ki Ken. Fully NCAS Accredited Instructors. Karate grades are recognised in Okinawa. Muay Tai Instructors have trained in Thailand. You never stop learning Martial Arts. It is a continuous progression. Kevins goal is to constantly hone his skills so he can offer the students more. “I’ve been all over the world with Martial Arts but as you get older you get to appreciate it a bit more.

Port Macquarie
Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts System has been established in Port Macquarie since 2005 and has attracted many new members, with locations in Bonny Hills. He said his training had a defensive strategy rather than a sporting strategy.

Chief Instructor Kyoshi Kevin Blundell has achieved the following qualifications: – a Eighth Dan black belt in Karate, black sash in Kung Fu, Kru in Muay Thai, qualified boxing trainer and four-time Australian champion in full contact karate, kung fu and kick-boxing with over 150 bouts. He has successfully completed the Certificate IV in Fitness, Level II Accredited Coach and a Diploma in Sports Coaching.

Invited to Train with the Best
The closest most of us will get to Hollywood’s martial arts greats is a wax statue, but Chief Instructor Kevin Blundell was invited to train with the world’s best, including Bruce Lee’s No.1 student and movie star Dan Inosanto. Kevin headed off to Los Angeles in the United States to focus on advanced knife defence with Inosanto. The schedule included sessions with world boxing champion Eric Paulson, (leading authority on Grappling), Larry Hartsell, and time at the Universal Studio’s Stuntman Academy. During his trip Kevin collected interviews for an Instruction video/DVD about Self Defence. He has already released his first DVD called ‘Be Your Own Body Guard’. “A lot of people do Martial Arts for sport and I respect that but we teach defence first and sport second”. Kevin flew out to the United states from Australia on August 27, 2005.


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