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How Linkedin worked for us

How Linkedin worked for us.  Early Adopters: Our business (Infotek3000 - the parent company) began in 1996. When Social Media was a fairly new term we were registering with many of those Social Platforms, setting up our profile and then watching to see what would happen next… “First in Mind” through a Passive Long-Term Presence: We primarily use LinkedIn as a tool to maintain an additional connection with many of our long-term clients. We share posts that we think are relevant to our client-base and we occasionally share useful insights into our own business successes and failures. We try to grow and maintain a fairly innocuous and passive presence. Our aim is to keep “First in Mind” without bombarding our clients with countless sell signals. To a lesser degree we also connect with people we have recently met, and we connect with people that we feel a connection may create a mutual benefit. Additional Point of Contact: We have noticed a slow but steady rise in the number …
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Advertise with us

Social Boost:  • 1 Year Ad in our content-rich Online Business Directory = $99 • Upgrade to 3 Years Social Boost for the price of 2 = $198 • Upgrade to 5 Years Social Boost for the price of 3 = $297 250 / 500 / 1000 Boost:  • 250 Boost includes 1 Year Business Directory Ad PLUS 250 Business Cards = $149 • 500 Boost includes 1 Year Business Directory Ad PLUS 500 Business Cards = $165 • 1000 Boost includes 1 Year Business Directory Ad PLUS 1000 Business Cards = $220 Payment:  • We accept Australian Dollars and BBX$ and PayPal. • Payable Yearly in Advance. • You may Cancel/Opt-out at any time • Unused portion is non-refundable Ordering:  • Call +61 414 490 604 • Email:
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How BBX worked for us

How BBX worked for us.  What is BBX?  I define BBX as being a Network of Members that Buy and Sell Products and Services that might otherwise still be on the shelf right now (eg. Excess Stock, Clearance Items, Vacant Accommodation especially during the Low Season, and More Members in a Class or Gym or Pool). BBX helps to match Buyers with Sellers and Facilitates the Trade of those Goods or Services. In return BBX receives a cash commission. [Join BBX under Infotek3000] Cowboys vs Cashflow: Infotek3000 joined BBX in 2006. A few "cowboys" would regularly purchase large quantities of only one of our product (eg. 10,000 Business Cards every few weeks). This made our turnover look great, however our cost of sales & commissions were mounting & our cash-flow took a beating. We looked at ways to deal with the few cowboys without affecting our smaller BBX Member Clients - Here is what we came up with...

1). Regain Control - We registered a se…

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