How BBX worked for us. 

What is BBX? 

I define BBX as being a Network of Members that Buy and Sell Products and Services that might otherwise still be on the shelf right now (eg. Excess Stock, Clearance Items, Vacant Accommodation especially during the Low Season, and More Members in a Class or Gym or Pool). BBX helps to match Buyers with Sellers and Facilitates the Trade of those Goods or Services. In return BBX receives a cash commission. [Join BBX under Infotek3000]

Cowboys vs Cashflow:

Infotek3000 joined BBX in 2006. A few “cowboys” would regularly purchase large quantities of only one of our product (eg. 10,000 Business Cards every few weeks). This made our turnover look great, however our cost of sales & commissions were mounting & our cash-flow took a beating. We looked at ways to deal with the few cowboys without affecting our smaller BBX Member Clients – Here is what we came up with…

1). Regain Control – We registered a second business name (Quality Cards), which enabled us to shift the high demand Business Cards away from our BBX Member Business (Infotek3000) and away from the Cowboys. Now we were free to offer ONLY our “higher profit margin” Web Advertising to our BBX Members.

2). Freedom Meant Less Sales – We started offering BBX Members Yearly Web Advertising in our Business Directory. We finally had a degree of control over our sales, however sales were much slower now. We needed to stimulate sales without making us vulnerable to the cowboys again. Enter the Combo Deals…

3). Combo Deals were a Winner! – We cautiously started offering Advertising Combo Deals. Now we could offer the Business Directory Ad Only OR we could include 500 Business Cards in a limited Combo Offering. This seemed to strike a balance between Higher Sales and More Freedom. Combo Deals also struck a chord with BBX Members and Cash Customers alike. 🙂

4). Know your Safe BBX% Limit – Once we gained control over the Supply & Demand of our Products and Services it becomes easier to set BBX Sales Targets and Measure Them (eg. 365 Advertising Subscriptions per year at $99 per year)

Join BBX under Infotek3000

We believe that with the right guidance, relationships and support we can all succeed. The team at Infotek3000 can help you to have a positive experience by sharing some of our basic principles and strategies. To learn more about BBX please visit our personal blog entitled or consider Joining BBX under Infotek3000.

Infotek3000 is the parent company of QualityPages. Infotek3000 has been a member of the BBX network since 2004. QualityPages is able to offer a selection of affordable web/print combo deals on Full Trade through Infotek3000.

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck!

Michael Bourne
Founder of Infotek3000 (BBX Member)

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